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Summer's Here!!! & We OUTSIDE YA'LL!!!

CFB Was So Nice, MGM Asked Us To Do It Twice!  MGM End of Summer Soiree!!

Sumer Concert Series - Spring Jam! @ The Electric Palm!

MGM/Majic 102.3
Wind Down Thursdays! 
Love No Limit!

MGM/Majic 102.3
Wind Down Thursdays!
Hood Boy!


MGM/Majic 102.3
Wind Down Thursdays! 
What You Wont Do For Love

MGM/Majic 102.3
Wind Down Thursdays! 

MGM/Majic 102.3
Wind Down Thursdays! 
Overnight Scenario!

The Electric Palm Restaurant, Woodbridge, VA 
Band Madness/Battle of the Bands Winners!!

Just a little sumthin' sumthin' that helped us secure our GOLDEN TICKET!! to the Finale!!!

Band Madness/Battle of the Bands Finale!

"Maria Maria!" was having "Wild Thoughts!" about being an "Independent Woman!!"

All My "Bad Mama Jammas!" to the Dance Floor!!

It's "Never Too Much!" of the Chocolate Factory Band!!

CFB Was "Getting It On Sunday Night!" and The Palm Let Us Know Exactly What They Liked!! 

 "When I See You!" I wanna say "Hello!!" but It Always Turns into an "Overnight Scenario"!

EpiQ Food Hall ~ JBAB 4th of July  Celebration ~ Bourbon Boulevard ~ Tim's River Shore! 

Costumes and Cocktails Party! It Ain't Trickin' if You Got It!

Epiq Food Hall Day Party!  Before I Let Go/Get Right Back To My Baby!

4th of July Freedom Fest!! CFB About to Get the Party Started!!

It was  Keith "Sweat" Hot Outside on 4th of July @JBAB!  "Don't Stop The Love"!

I See You "Mr. Big Stuff"!  "The Clean-Up Woman" is looking for You Too!

Sweet Natasha Hittin'em with Sade's "Sweetest Taboo!!" Bourbon Boulevard!

How Steady is Your Love? P.J. Mulligan's/Bourbon Blvd

Boo'ed Up!  CFB Style!

How Does LOVE GO Again?

Before I Let Go Medley!! Frankie, Vivian and Beyonce!! Tim's Rivershore

We've Got That Magic!

Don't Go...I Want You Around...

2019 ... And So It Begins...The Early Years...

Soft Rock Vibes

That's The Way Love Goes!

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